HP97 gummy wheel repair update


Have just done the gummy wheel repair on my 97 and received the 7CD set from David - I think I'm in HP heaven.

Three things I'd like to share:-

1) Follow the instructions to the letter and don't jump ahead - I was lucky that only the tip of one of the main pcb gold connectors broke off - both prongs are otherwise ok and still go in the hole ok - phew.

2) An additional note on removing the slotted shaft might help - took me some time to realize I had to wedge it out - rather I thought I had stripped it trying to unscrew it!

3) Check your silicone tubing is concentric. I was unlucky and got some with a wall thickness on one side of 1.4mm and 1.8mm on the other side - needless to say the sound was not good, and no it didn't work, until I found some good concentric tube.

Thanks heaps to David for a great site.


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