Polynomials solver for 42: WANTED


Something like the "Solve Poly..." application of 48/49: given the coefficients, get the solutions...



The translated HP-67 program you're trying to load and
run is far from optimal, or even efficient. Your best best
would be to get one from the former "HP-41C User's Library",
or even better, to look for one in the old issues of the
PPC Journal, available in CD-ROM.

If you do have or can get an HP-71B with a Math ROM,
this is the "program" that will do what you want,
particularized for a 100th-degree polynomial:


I quoted "program" because you could easily execute that
from the command line, no need to enter a program. As
written, it does the following:

DIM P(101) dimensions a 101-element vector to hold
the 101 coefficients

COMPLEX R(100) dimensions a 100-element complex vector
to hold the 100 complex roots

MAT INPUT P prompts the user for each element. The
user can enter elements one by one or
several at a time, and can enter numbers
or expressions, even using variables
and functions

MAT R=PROOT(P) computes all 100 complex roots

MAT DISP R displays all roots

To make it general, just ask for the degree N, and then
use DIM P(N+1) and COMPLEX R(N) instead.

That's it. Amazingly simple and powerful !


Thanks... but I've not a 71B.
It seems this calc has a PROOT. The 48 has it too, but not the 42, and that is what I'm looking for.


BTW: I didn't get the 67 prg works (or is veeery slow and I stop the prg before it finds the roots. But I am not sure even how to give it the coefficients)

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