Help with 41 program


I'm trying to key in this prg in my 42S:

What is the keystroke in line 213?

Could someone tell me how to use this program?

Thanks in advance



...and what's the meaning of ths last line, GTO 67, if there is not a LBL 67 in this prg?

Thanks again. Raul


From what I can gather from the program information is that this was a program for the HP 67. It was portable to the HP 41C/CV/CX by using the 41 Card Reader. If you have a 41 card reader manual, you may be able to determine what these HP 67 functions are and use a 42S equivalent for lines 9, 118, 140, 146, 157, 213, & 223. Line 232, I think should have been GTO "PLYS67". Hope this helps.


Sorry you can not run the program on a 42S. The program was written for a 67 and can be run on a 41 with a card reader. The card reader has a number of functions to make a 41 compatible with a 67.


From 1979-1980, HP ran a couple of articles about converting HP-67 programs to run on the HP-67.

In most cases, this wasn't too tough.

The 7DSZ instruction you point out is essentially "DSE 25" on the HP-41. PRTX is just a long pause on the HP-41. You could just replace it with PAUSE.

Register 25 was the I register from the HP-67. You can see this with the numerous RCL IND 25 like instructions in the HP-41 translated program.

Worth a shot. I can probably translate it for you to see if it works, if you have some test cases to run on the program afterwards.


Thanks Gene: I can try the translation with your tips, but I'm not sure yet how give (and what) arguments to run the prg.

I'll let you know if I get it works

Thanks again



The PSE's I've put instead 7PRTX's, seem not beeing executed...I only get an endless working prg :-(

But thanks again. Raul



every program originally written in a magnetic card from an HP67/97 will have a LBL 67 added as a first step in the program when it is read (translated) in an HP82143A. One can add a GTO 67 at the end of the program for easy "run-again" at [R/S] key pressing. If you execute [GTO][.][.], an END will be added after the GTO 67. Probably the first step was changed from LBL 67 for a LBL"PLYS67". As you may notice, step 232 is never executed unless you manually position the calculator in that step and run it. Also you noticed the equivalent LBL 67 is not there (but should be) and an erroe will occur.

7DSZ will be gladly replaced by DSE 25 if integer numbers are stored in R25, but 7ISZ must be carefully considered when replaced by ISG 25. As there is no 7ISZ in the program, that's fine.

Everything else has already been mentioned by our great contributors.

My US$ 0.05


Hi Luiz: have you any idea about how to give the coefficients to the prg? Thanks


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