Best 41CV reassembly pictures ?


I am just now getting back to reassembling my last hp41cv after a long layoff due to a car accident. It took a cola bath and the battery contacts were shot. I have all of the parts I need, except one of the small white plastic washers that, IIRC, goes over the bottom set of posts. Aside from needing to identify a replacement washer, (here I come, Lowes)I need to find some pictures of proper reassembly.

I do not want to disassemble another 41cv to get the information, given the chance for a mishap and even more repair work. I have seen several sites with pix, but thought I would ask the question first.

What are the top website candidates for best pictures and information for the 41cv ?


Since no one has responded, I assume that there are either too many to count or too basic a question for folks to bother with.

I got on the web before posting yesterday and found that most of the links I had used in the past were defunct. I just wanted some help to save time. I suppose that there are some with decent pix still around. In any event, I will figure it out without them.

On a postive note, I have found some R/C parts that will serve well as bosses for broken screw holes on the back of 41's and that the small white washers can almost be perfectly matched by some at Lowe's home improvement for about $0.36 for 4 of them.

I reassemble it tonight. We'll see what happens.


Have you seen this :



Yes, I did read it. Thanks, though.

I read that first, before even looking on the web for additional pix.


If it is not too late ...

How is it going? My latest aquisition - a early 41c, gold ball (appropriate for a fullnut ;-))) ), high keytops, is back from the dead.


Nice! What kind of "alcohol" did you use to drive off the water?
Thank you!


i'm the guy with the pictures. the alcohol used
was simply ethanol. i wasn't sure if this was
a good idea, but then i wasn't sure if it was
a good idea to clean it in an ultrasonic cleaner
either. note, of course, that the motherboard
was removed and the display was kept out of
harms way.




I read your post right now (for this and the next week I'm in a severe time-consumming post-graduation activity, and I will probably be reading posts for no more than one time a day...) and I think I have some pictures that will help you. They are included in a PDF doc I prepared for a friend, and it shows an HP41 being disassembled in a step-by-step sequence. Please, e-mail me and I'll send you the e-address where this PDF may be downloaded from.

Anyone else who believes it's also usefull, please, e-mail me.

Best regards, Bob. Success!

Luiz C. Vieira


Thanks. I will email you for the address. I appreciate your reply.

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