hp 67 card reader repair


It was suggested to me by reputable source that Mr. David Smith does expert hp67 repairs. Could Mr. Smith contact me at above email address?
Thanks, Ed Molinet


Hi, I'm looking for a gummy wheel for my HP-67. Could you tell me how and where can I get this spare piece? Thanks in advance


You are looking for a "gummy" wheel? Or a good wheel :-)


Hello Mike,

OK, I'm looking for a "good" wheel for my HP-67 (the best one: gummy or whatever useful); the original one was completely destroyed. I read the article concerning the pink silicone fuel tubing but the problem is always the concentricity.



My local candy store sells Gummy Bears. Also some round things made out of the same stuff... you could call them Gummy Wheels.


You guys are worse than I am.

I love it.


Read in the "Articles" forum how to repair a gummy wheeled card reader. I like the fuel line tubing approach, available at a "lifetime" supply (a foot or two) at any hobby store.



Where are you ? I am in Brazil, if you´re not too far,I can send you some tube.


Hello Renato,

"Unfortunately", I'm living in Madrid, Spain. Anycase, if you want to send me a small spare tube piece -> THANKS A LOT!!!
Daniel Conde
c/Sector Oficios 35, 2D
28760, Tres Cantos - Madrid - Spain

Thanks again.


Hmm. You are fortunate for living in Madrid. There are reports of people finding good deals on old sotck of HP calculators at "El Corte Inglés".
I guess Madrid airplane model stores have the fuel line tubing. I found it here at one small store in Brazil. I am not sure i can send it on a regular international letter, and it will take a some time to arrive there.


OK Renato,

No problem, I'll try to find out something here. By the way, I know very well your country, from Angras (Ubatuba, Caraguatatuba, Parati) up to Fortaleza coast, also Sao Pablo, Velo Horizonte, Brazilia, Ouro Preto, etc. You are a lucky man because you are living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I lived almost one year at Porto Seguro and Arraial d'Ajuda, long time ago. I love the Salvador de Bahia - Olinda Carnival. Regards and enjoy the next carnival "tudo bem".

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