71b memory question


I've seen memory modules for the 71b which plug into the card-reader port.

Do these modules act as RAM or do they just act like electronic disks?


> Do these modules act as RAM or do they just act like electronic disks?

yes :-)

They are part of the main address space of the 71B. However, they can be configured as non-volatile RAM disk depending on your requirements.



Most of these card reader RAM modules come with a battery so you can remove them and reinstall them later and not lose any data.


The largest I've ever seen is a CMT (Corvallis Microtechnology, Inc) 128 Kb RAM.

I've got one, it looks terrific and works extremely well, you
can dimension and work with a complex matrix up to 95x95,
which is ideal for large circuit analysis, or a 135x135 real matrix, for curve fitting and forecasting.

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