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Where can I still find books regarding programming. I have been looking for: "HP-48 Insights" Author Bill Wickes "HP-48 Handbook" Author Jim Donnelly I am being told that these books are no longer in print. Any ideas? Jeff


http://www.abebooks.com/ This is Advanced Book Exchange, great search engine for used or out of print books.

http://www.amazon.com/ Barely needs explanation, but you can order out of print books through Amazon, and let them do all the hard work.

http://www.waterw.com/~jake-s/handyclc.htm Handycalc lists these Bill Wickes books in stock: HP 48 Insights, Part I: Principles and Programming (HP 48G/GX Edition) $26 HP 48 Insights, Part I: Principles and Programming (HP 48S/SX Edition) ONE LEFT - CLOSEOUT PRICE $20


Thanks for the response Kevin. Amazon cannot find either one of these books and Jim Lawson is sold out. I tries to enter a search for these two books on Advanced Book Exchange but they have no record of them either. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Jeff


The following list may give you some titles and authors to search for if you want some other possibilities. All should be available through Amazon as new or out of print.

Jump Start the HP 48G/GX Calculator: for Engineers and Scientists by Thomas Adams, Merle C. Potter, Tom Adams Paperback - 170 pages 2 edition (August 1998) Great Lakes Press; ISBN: 1881018482

Mastering the Hp 48G-Gx : A Step by Step, Easy-To-Read Introduction to Operating and Programming the Hp48G/Gx by Thomas Adams Paperback (April 1994) Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company; ISBN: 0787220892

The Hp 48 Pocket Book by James Donnelly Paperback (June 1993) Armstrong Pub Co; ISBN: 1879828057

An Introduction to Hp48 System Rpl and Assembly Language Programming by James Donnelly Spiral-bound (June 1995) Armstrong Pub Co; ISBN: 1879828065

The Hp 48 Handbook by James Donnelly ASIN: 1879828006 or ASIN: 1879828049

The Hp48 Database by James Donnelly ASIN: 1879828022

HP 48 Insights I : Principles and Programming (HP 48G/GX Edition) by William C. Wickes ASIN: 0962525855

HP 48 Insights II : Problem-Solving Resources by William C. Wickes ASIN: 0962525847

An Easy Guide to the Hp 48 : A Step-By-Step, Easy-To-Read Introduction to Operating and Programming the Hp 48 by Thomas Adams ASIN: 0840382553

Hp 48 Programming Examples (Hewlett Packard Press Series) by D.R. MacKenroth ASIN: 0201563258

Hp 48 Programming/Utilities by Loux ASIN: 9993962562


Try these: 1) Powells.com (Powell's Books in Oregon) and search under mathematics/calculators/hewlett packard. I have had great luck there, even on some obscure titles, and then, 2) try Don O'Rourke at International Calculators and Computers in Orlando FL (407) 898-0081- a little gem of a store for those hard to find HP items. Good luck.

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