What processor?


For my database i need some infos, I couldn't find in the net.. What processor (and what speed) does these calcs have?

Classics, Sting, Woodstocks, Topcats, HP-6s, HP-18C, HP-30s, HP-39G/40G, HP-86, HP-87XM, HP-9815, HP-9825, HP-9845

What speed uses the Capricorn in HP-75C/D?



HP-18C: 1LK7 (Saturn architecture)
39G/40G: Yorke (Saturn architecture)

AFAIK the HP-75 C/D uses a CMOS version of the processor used in the series 80 computers.

For more info on the Series 80 machines, you could take a look at http://www.series80.org/

Somewhere on that site it's stated that at least the HP-85 used an 8-bit CPU. Hmmm, I had in mind that the HP-86 used a 16-bit CPU, but I'm not sure about this.


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