How do I open my 15c?


I have an hp-15c and 11c that I would like to open to clean out the dust! How do I go about doing this?




under each of the four rubber feet there is a small screw, Philips-type head, and it's enough to remove them and the back cover that you'll be facing when removing the screws.

After you open, be extra carefull with two small springs that are assembled in vertical position. One of them is at the rigt side of the batteries compartment and the other is at the extreme right of the keyboard between the second and third key rows. The electrically connect the keyboard faceplate and the display "bezel" with the back label. This set work as an electostatic shield, protecting internals against ESD and EMF at acceptable levels.

If you want to clean the LCD for dust, it's a consense to use air pressure from a clean source. Removing the LCD assy is somewhat difficult in some models.

If you open the calcualtor and feel confused about what you see, post again and describe it so we can help you better.

Hope this helps.

Cheers and success.

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