20s scientific calc.


Can anyone provide info on this calc? I couldn't locate any info in the museum regarding it. It appears to be algebraic, not RPN; is it programmable? Thanks.



Yes, it is algebraic and it is programmable. It's the older classic programming model with keystroke programming to 99 steps, since it has a 7 segment display.

It does have some nice features for an inexpensive unit, including a root finder, integration, complex numbers, 3x3 matrix ops, quadratic, and curve fitting. Not bad for $20, now if it could only do RPN...

Here's a link to HP's site for a comparison with the newer models:



Okay, I'll bit. WHY don't they make it RPN? Wasn't that what HP was famous for?



Beside the RPN devices :

http://www.copia.com.au/hp_scientific_calculators_compar.html#Physical Features

The HP-20S is a nice small algebraic programmable scientific calculator. Yes, "if it could only do RPN" !

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