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Dear friends,

Somebody mentioned in one of the messages last year a (technical) museum in Munich with some HP's exposed. As I am travelling to Germany tomorrow (Augsburg & Munich) and I could not find the thread in the archives, it would be great if someone could just remind me about the name of that museum in Munich I would like to visit. AFAIK and remember somebody compared it with the Science Museum in London (and said that this one is even bigger).

Many thanks in advance.


Probably this one


It's great!


Hey, David;

any news about the scans? (if any, please, e-mail me)

I'll remove this post later.






Sure, SCANS. Remote, positronic brain and memory scans, being performed by the NSA from black helicopters.

Apparently they've left the Erase Switch set to the default position ("YES"). We'll get back to you when we decide what we want you to remember . . .

(Forget we ever broached the subject.)

Have a nice day!



Hi, David;

I sent you an e-mail explaining it better.



As my girlfriend lives in Munich, I took a picture from the part of the Deutsches Museum when I was there last time: You can see all presented HP calculators.. send me a mail and I will send you the photo..



In the " Deutsches Museum" you could see som HP Calculator (HP 67 /97 /41 ...) and a rebuilding of the first computer, the "Konrad Zuse Z3". You could arrive the museum with the "S-Bahn", Station "Isartor" near centrum. Touristik Information at "Marienplatz" or central station. Lock at: http://www.muenchen-tourist.de/englisch/index_e.htm



As always ... if I might say.

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