Hp color copier 150 driver!


I just got a new job in another town here in nigeria and had to move a few kilometers to my new residence and unfortunately lost by device drivers in transit.I wish anyone could be of help as to direct me where i can download this software as there are no major Hp Branches in this country plus my expensive equipment is just sitting down doing noting.
I'll really be glad if someone could help me out.


Hello, Emmanuel;

I want to help if I can, in any way. Just a small request: do you have teh correct specification for the copier? Is it just HP150? Do you also remember the SW version? Or you think there will be only one driver?

I may not have it, but I'll search for ecisting drivrs, but I would like to now the exact ID for the equipmenten, please.


Luiz C. Vieira


I first used Google to look for drivers, was referred several times into HP, and eventually downloaded & read the entire user's manual --- http://www.hp.com/cposupport/manindex/hpcolorcop6466_eng_man.html --- and what I don't understand is that there's no mention of a connection to a computer, this is (apparently) a standalone copier, albeit a color inkjet one. So what exactly is doing the driving here???


Hi, Glen;

that's the same reason I asked for the equipment's ID: is it the same one Emmanuel mentioned?

I think his is a different one, or it has an optional port, I don't know.

Best regards, my friend.

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