Is this a good/reasonable price?


They say the calculators are new, but how much did they cost when in production?
Also, a few days ago Martin posted a message saying HP just found some 17s and 19s, and they would be put on sale by mid Feb.


Not new, but supposed to be mint.
Does anyone know this dealer?




no, I don't know that dealer.
compare these prices with those on .

Their ads are similar, but their prices are even higher.




Chris Edmunds runs Samson Cables. I think that this must be
his ebay effort.
I purchased an HP49G from him a year or so ago and it had troubles. Chris did a GREAT job of helping me get a replacement.
Therefore, considering he had the lowest price (at the time) on brand new HP49G's and he backed his product, I was quite pleased!



I've dealt with this dealer, and he is professional in the way he manages his sales.
According to EBay, his feedbacks consist of "1697 positives. 1464 are from unique users. 5 neutrals. 4 negatives. 4 are from unique users. "

I'd say that's a pretty good record.



I've never done business with this seller, but from the asking prices, I'd say they were "opportunistic". I thought the 17BII prices were out of line, but the 32SII prices were completely insane. Pay it if you want, but I'd send my business elsewhere due to the shameless high prices.


If you are really looking for 17BII, there are better online and offline deals in Brazil. I just bought a very nice 17bII for R$140,00 (less than US$40.00). A month ago, I bought a used condition for R$80,00 (less than US$30). I can find a new in box, old stock for US$100,00.

Auctions run in mercadolivre for R$180.00 to R$250.00 - but please, do not pay these prices - you would inflate prices here.

I can help you find a good deal around here - just get in touch.



Oi Renato, me manda um email com o teu endereco eletronico, e podemos tentar ver como comprar uma dessas calculadoras.

Sorry for the Portuguese guys :-)

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