HP-25 Battery Pack


I would like to rebuild my battery pack, but have two question: 1. The information from this web site says the HP-25 is designed to operate on 2.5V battery power. The only NiCads I have seen are 1.2V. Will two 1.2V NiCads supply the correct voltage for the HP-25? 2. When I disassemled the battery pack, there was a small metal bar connecting the batteries. Is this bar necessary for the HP-25 to operate properly? If so, where does the bar go? Against the springs in the battery pack or at the other end?

Thanks in advance, Alan



2 NiCd cells is precisely what the HP-25 is designed to operate upon.

The metal bar is not really necessary, the springs connect the two cells just fine. If you want to do a real nice job, however, buy NiCd cells with solder tabs; you can then solder the two cells together to ensure a good connection, and rip the solder tabs off the other ends.


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