Restoration and Adoration


After reading some posts, especially Doctor Mikey's postings about his experiences in rebuilding old calculators and bringing them back to life, and the grateful notes from users who repaired successfully a card reader or a peripheral, I have been asking to myself: aren't we in the restoration and adoration (not only restoration) business?

What do you think? I would like to hear your opinions about it.


I shall say that when as the first calculator you bought was an hp and especially RPN in 1974 (HP 45) and that you can not make more than an addition on some other calc type, suddenly you learn that this calcs will have soon an end you panic, you thought that hp will exist for ever, it never came to mind that a manager from the new school will be at the head of that wonderfull company and let the loyal cutommer down (vive Carli) if I were prepared for that I would have bought many more hp 25/28/15/41/67/32/42 (because I want to die RPN), and never give them away to make new RPN disciple.

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