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i won an auction on ebay and of course sent a money order right away. i have gotten a couple of very earnest excuses but no item. i am approaching the 3 month deadline to post feedback. i will post negative feedback and that is that. however; one of those reasonable reasons may be true. can someone tell me if it is possible to "respond to comments" or to append feedback with a "but they all lived happily ever after" if the item does eventually show up - and to do this later than the three month deadline for the first feedback posting.


I think the eBay feedback rules are that once you post feedback, it cannot be changed.

One way around this would be to post a website address as feedback instead of a one-line comment. At that referring website, you could have a detailed description of the transaction that you could update should the goods eventually arrive.

FYI, I've heard of people doing this to present (usually negative) feedback so they are not restricted to one line. Also, you can change it, or remove it if desired.

Best of luck,

Todd G.


According to the e-bay policies on feedback, putting a link to a web site, a photo, or a java script are grounds for e-bay to remove that feedback. So it seems that you are quite limited to the 80 or so characters. Their policy also states that they are very unlikely to remove feedback once it is left.

On the other question about the 90 day time limit, it seems that you can leave a "response" to a feedback you have received long after the 90 days has transpired. Not sure if there is any limit on that. I just tried to leave a response to a feedback I received last March and it would have let me.


There is a link button on the Ebay feedback pages to a screen that lets you leave feedback after 90 days. I bet you need the auction number to do it.


Please send a mail to
Give them all informations they need (item #, PayPal proof, ...).
They should contact the seller.
In your negative feedback, you could indicate an URL about that deal.
Good luck!


Your chances of getting ANY sort of meanigful help from Ebay are about 1 in 1E99 (unless it is about an HP-42S then 1 in 1E499).


i appreciate yalls help and advise. also that of doug@alwaysup who sent me a page copied form ebay that told me the steps i should have been following for the last two months to resolve this. i'm an optimist. shoot me.

i have been patient since the person said he was in the hospital and then said the calc came back in the mail and had to be sent again. he (or she?) is in russia and speaks english as a distant second language so it is hard to get fine points across in both directions but has 95% good feedback rating and has both bought and sold. i figure that this is a series of unconnected errors but i feel this way less each day and on next thursday i will do the only thing i can do and leave a factual - not personal - negative feedback. you guys have told me that i can at least append a positive outcome to it after the 90 day limit. that's something.

i only wish i had more time to wait, and that if this does all work out i could erase the red mark.


the calc was here when i got home - on the night of the 89th day. i had filed for ebay moderation services, will cancel that and i just finished leaving nice feedback - on the last possible day to do so.

it's a "moderately happy ending" because i should have read the ad better. as the russians say: "nechevo". i thought it said "very good condition". the ad actually said "VARY good condition"(really), which was closer to the truth.

the calc is an mk 52, an rpn, and very interesting so far. the stack seems to work like an hp but i don't see how to manipulate it and theres a few keys i may never figure out. nechevo.

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