HP-67 <-->TI-59 card reader repair


No i'm not gonna ask if i can read my HP cards on my TI calculator's reader... :-)

So my HP-67 card reader is great since you helped me! thanks again! I also have a TI-59 and a TI-SR-52 that have the same gummy/desintegrate wheel problem. So my question is can i use the same o-rings to repair my TI calculators that i use with my HP-67.

I know, i just have to try it, but probably someone has experiment that repair and have some tips for me...

Michel Beaulieu


Good luck, but I fear you'll be disappointed. The TI 59 card reader was vastly inferior in quality compared to the HP card reader. TI wouldn't even promise that a card writtent by one TI 59 would be readable by another.

I was the unfortunate owner of a TI 59 back in 1979 and I had enormous trouble getting the card reader to work reliably. Eventually I returned it for a refund (it was still within the one year warranty period).

So after 20+ years, getting a TI card reader to work would be just short of a miracle.



The TI readers can be repaired... I've never done it. Check RSKEY.ORG or DATAMATH.ORG I seem to remember seeing a link to a TI reader repair page (or one soon to come).


Actually, I've repaired many many 59 card readers. Not too tricky. The SR-52's are much harder, but also can be done. Briefly, I unsolder and removed the motor assemblies, glue a rubber plumbing washer to the shaft, power the motor externally to spin the washer, and then use a dremel grinding wheel to grind to the perfect size. Can take a little trial and error, but since the cards can be inserted and tested without the reader in the calc, it's not too difficult. Mine come out quite reliable; at least as good as new.

I hope nobody minds me posting this here... a lot of us collectors collect TI's, too, if for no other reason but to have the machines that competed with the HP.

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