Creaky 41CX


I have 41CX (sn is 1988) that creaks a bit when certain keys are pressed. The creaking is caused by the plastic case (outer shell) shifting around a bit when pressure is applied to the top (keyboard). If I hold the sides of the case firmly, the creaking is eliminated.

I'm just wondering if this is a common problem, or mine is an exception. Thanks,




if anyone suggests you to tighten the screws AND you decide to do so (I wouldn't), chances are you get a broken post, so, be A LOT conscious of this fact before doing it. IF you decide the risk is worth taking, PLEASE, try sensing your own force and never force the screwdriver.

If no one suggests you to tighten the screws, remove this post's contents from your memory.



I have a Halfnut CX and it does the same creaking as yours. Also the feel of the keys is not so good as the older Fullnut models. Mine is 2819S20688, it was one of the first 'new in box' units which appeared last year from Scotland and I got it for 1/6 of the price they have risen to! (Aren't I lucky). Mine creaks most on the -, ENTER and yellow f keys. The feel of the plastic is softer and "cheaper" than the CV full nut I have. If you squeeze the sides they creak too!

Another thing which is better on the older fullnut is the display. For some stupid reason the halfnut display has a wider space between the segments and is not as easy to read.

So degradation of HP quality began in the late 80's, presumably for cost saving.


That's the source of mine (England, to be exact), and I have exactly the same creaks. Is it just this batch, or all halfnuts?



I too recently purchased a NIB 41cx from the UK, and mine creaks (s/n from 1988). I've noticed it seems to be the thin plastic strip that the card-reader connects too which is causing the creak (its actually not as tight fitting as my older cx so it moves a little and creaks). I have a halfnut cv which does not creak.

I haven't tried tightning the posts and probably will not due to the afor mentioned reasons of possibly breaking them. It may be possible to lubricate the thin plastic strip (with a suitable lubricant) so it won't creak when it moves (not such a good option really).

I also agree with the disply comment. I prefer the full nut display because it is more ledgible due to the longer lcd segments.


I have a "creaky" halfnut 41CV from 1986, bought less than a year ago, that is otherwise flawless cosmetically and functionally. The "ENTER" key causes the creaking.

I also have a malfunctioning fullnut 41CX from 1984 that is fine cosmetically. I agree with the comments regarding quality of keys and LCD segments for halfnet vs. fullnut.

BTW, I was offered one of the UK 41CX units for $70 + shipping by one of the sellers. It seemed too good to be true, so I drafted an e-mail asking the seller to confirm several specifications before agreeing to purchase. In the meantime, I noticed that the seller had started an eBay Dutch Auction of five units. Not knowing if he had listed a unit he'd offered to me, I did not send the e-mail. After the clearing price soared above $250, I hadn't the chutzpah to ask him to sell me one for such a low price...

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