Museum Pic on E-Bay...



He has credited the pictures now.


Is there a chance for such things to be directed to some other forum?

It is getting a little boring to read reports of 'stolen' pictures (like this is a big deal). Perhaps such reports could be sent to your private e-mail ...


>Is there a chance for such things to be directed to some >other forum? It is getting a little boring to read reports >of 'stolen' pictures (like this is a big deal). Perhaps >such reports could be sent to your private e-mail ...

Perhaps you don't realize it, but it *IS* Dave's website.
When you visit a friend's house, do you complain about his decor? We're in Dave's 'house', and Dave's gone to a great deal of trouble to log, photo, document, etc. just about every aspect of HP calcs. Pix thereof should get some credit else they'll start seeping into the public domain.
This is a free-flowing board with generally reasonably on-topic posts and titles, and you can always pass over topics that bore you..

San Jose, CA


I asked if such messages could be directed to the mail address and not to the forum because they (copyright violations) have nothing to do with the HP calculators forum.

I appologize if I hurt someones 'patriotic' feelings.


>I appologize if I hurt someones 'patriotic' feelings.


I don't think he got it.




Many of us might never get the idea of letting Dave know about such infringements if we didn't see other people doing it here. Besides, I find it interesting, and seeing how a seller responds to Dave's request for proper attribution has a bearing on whether I do business with that seller or not.


"'stolen' pictures"

"like this is a big deal"

I could understand these posts not being your topic of choice, but they are stolen (no quotes needed) and it is a big deal.


Dear User48:
Your comment, and others in comp.sys.hp48 are, at least, "odds".


PS:As you can see, most of us don't use nicks but our names in this forum.


If you don't like the topic, don't click on the link.

It's not like it was given a misleading title like "Grow 3 Inches by Wednesday!" or some such . . .


Criticisms from a regular poster would carry more weight if they were made under his usual forum name.



I don't like to get in these sort of thread, but there are moments one should not keep silence under certain circumstances.

I'm not the best one to mention this because of geographic and origin resons, but this is something I admire from David's postures: we invite ourselves in here, it's definitely David's place, people flame each other sometimes and he, politely, requests us all to maintain our own behavior.

I think there is not much to say or comment about this. In Brazil we have an expression that is somewhat rude, but definitely fits in some cases: "Os incomodados que se retirem." (something like: those who feel as being bothered feel free to leave). I'm not addressing myself to anyone in here firstly because I do not have the right to; besides, this is up to David only and anyone else. And he had shown us in many circumstances that his concerns are a lot far beyond these.

I want to express my respect for you, David.



Thank you Luiz! You're a model of decorum yourself so that means a lot.

Back on the main subject, if people don't like these posts, please let me know either here or in email, but please don't be shy about your identity. The opinions of real people mean much more to me.


As I wrote a while ago, it is disrespectful to demand anything from Dave or any Forum user using a nickname as a cover.

Dave has put so much effort and resources of his on making this site (and the Forum) available to us. Let's show some respect to such a remarkable host by using our names and making whatever requests we have as politely as possible. And by passing by post that we feel are not relevant/important to us. As simple as behaving properly in a house that is not ours.

Regarding the copyright infringement matter, any given seller that uses Dave's material to sell his/her stuff without permission must be reported for Dave to take whatever measures necessary. We're dealing with a transaction based upon copyright infringement, which is ultimately a lie to any potential seller.


I agree with all of you. Stealing is stealing and must be reported.

Perhaps Dave should place a copyright logo on their pictures. Something like 'Copyright (C) 2000 Dave Hicks,'. Maybe this will prevent sellers from using the pictures in a wrong way and wrong place.

Best regards.


Personally, I'm all for the public posting- it seems that most of the ebayers are polite about crediting the photos when asked, and it's sometimes highly amusing to read the listings form people who have no idea what they have.


My images do have a small logo. I try not to go overboard however and clutter up the images for viewers just because a few people steal them. I feel that it's like putting bars on your windows to keep thieves out. It will probably work, but only some of the time, and it detracts from the view and "livability".

For an example of when it won't work anyway: Recently I asked an ebay seller to credit my picture and his response was to copy the top part of the picture to the bottom in order to cover the logo and to add text to his auction that he had scanned it himself. (It was a very sloppy edit which mangled not just the logo but part of the calculator.) I had ebay remove that one.

For what it's worth, I've consulted with copyright attorneys and they thought I had done more than most sites to make my copyrights clear.

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