Quadratic equasions


I have a HP41cv and I am working though the Handbook and Programming Guide.
I can programme the calc to calculate the problem on page 193 OK but my problem is this (I think it might be the same with all quadratic equation solutions). How do you programme the calculator to store both roots in different registers so that they can be viewed at a later stage. The way the programme works at the moment the first root displays (it be "stopped" to view as the programme runs) but this first root seems to be lost if the R/S button is pressed to get the second root.
It is not important but I was wondering if there is any way to save both roots.
All the best.



you mean the program in pages 182/183? Quadratic Equation?

Well, just for you to start wondering about it: from step 17 on, use this listing:

17 STO 04
18 PSE
19 XEQ 01
20 +
21 RCL 01
22 2
23 *
24 /
25 STO 05
26 PSE
27 RTN
28 LBL01
. (keep the same instructions, each one will be otwo steps up in the count)
40 END

The first root will be stored in R04 (step 17) and the second root will be stored in R05 (step 25)

Hope this is what you want.

Best regards


Actually it is the problem on p 193 which is solved by adapting the original qroot programme.
But I've modified my programme as you have suggested and it works fine.
Thank you.

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