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I sucessfully read HP-67 cards on my HP-41 reader and programs works grest on my 41!

Is it possible to take a HP-41 card and read it by a HP-67? Or how to transfer programs from a HP-41 to a 67 insted of rewriting it completely.



Hi, Michel;

it's practically stated in the HP41's card reader that data contained in cards written in the 82104A cannot be read in an HP67/97 reader, although the opposite is true.

Codes recorded in magnetic cards for internal HP41 instructions are different of their equivalents in the HP67/97. The 82104A reader actually "translates" and, in some cases, updates these codes.

Sorry for the bad news... unless there are some wizard modules that allow specific code to be stored in this magnetic cards, but I would no bet on this.

Best regards

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