hp41cx slow in USER mode


My 41cx responds to keystrokes more slowly when it is in USER mode. The effect is most pronounced on keys which have a shifted key assignment. Is this normal?




Yep, normal for keys of the two first row. Do a GTO.. and try again. Reason: in user mode the HP-41 looks for a corresponding label in the current program.

An other solution: ASN the primary function to the key. That way you can't use the "look for a label in the current program and start execution there"-feature. So I only use it for X<>Y and RDN and loose the quick access to label F and G.



I have never owned an HP-41, but a co-worker did. Now its been about 15 years ago so my memory my be clouded. But I think I remember that happening to his and he found out that the print command had been activated. When print was turned off, the calculator resumed normal speed. How about '41 users, is this possible?



not quite, I presume; the only printing activity I know that would slow down the keyboard response is having the printer in TRACE mode while it is connected and ON. Mike's post is precise and correct, if the calculator is in USER mode, 15 keys ([a] to [e] and [A] to [J]) are remapped to search for related labels in the current program. Being the program too small OR being the program pointer locted in the last program in memory (the permanent .END. only, what is asccomplished with [GTO][.][.]), then it resumes normal response to key requests.

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The slow down when a printer is connected has nothing to do with the user mode.




George was right about the information related to printer connection and consequently calculator slowing down in program execution speed.

It is clearly stated at the Printer's Manual that the system [HP41 plus printer] will interact with each other thus causing a reduction in speed, mostly in program running. The initial post in thread is not related to this particular issue, but I disagreed with George's comments; I was wrong and George was right. Makes perfect sence, the MODE key is built in the printer's panel, and at any moment, the user may switch the printer to NORM or TRACE, and the running program (or any other operation prformed by the user) must scan for this possibility OR wait for a "wait" from the printer if it is printing something.

The printer connector is, in fact, the interface itself, and at the moment it is connected to the HP41, it's resources become part of the existing function set in a different way (same as happens with the HPIL module): you plug it on any available port and their functions are always listed first in CAT 2 (except in the HP41CX's Time Fcn 1x and CX Time 2x, always the first ones in this model). If I remember well, these modules have their functions mapped in predefined positions in memory.

George, my apologies; you were right.


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