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Hi everyone. Back in 1977 I received an HP-67, supposedly brand-new. I always suspected that they gave me a used one, however, but all I have is a hunch -- no evidence.

If you took the calculator and shook it, the keys rattled, for they were pretty loose. Some keys had different feel from others. I remember particularly well that the (i) key felt funny and had no tactile feedback the way the other keys did.

At the same time a friend of mine had an HP-65 (on loan from someone else), and I distinctly remember that the 65 had none of the keyboard problems my 67 did.

The 67 gave me excellent service, mind you, but even after 26 years, I'm still curious about that machine's keyboard.



For what it's worth, the keys in the second hand 67 that I have rattle also. None have a different feel however. All appear to work properly.


Key rattle is normal. A dead feeling key on any of the classic series machines is usually caused by a split in the metal key strip for that key. They always split vertically on the left hand side about 1/16 inch from whrere the key strip rises up for that key. The only fix is to cut out the key strip and solder in a replacement from another machine. It can be a pain to get the replacement key feel to match its neighbors.

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