What happened to the red dot 35?


Does anyone know what happened here? Did any of our regulars buy this calculator? I'm curious.

e-bay auction for "red dot" HP-35


I was the high bidder at the time, and the seller didn't offer it to me. I've sent them an email asking why.


Katie, I'd like to know what happened. Often, someone (any guesses???) makes the seller an offer and asks him to end the auction early.


Someone probably offered him a deal he couldn't refuse. I've asked him why it was removed. We can compare answers.


I asked why it was pulled and they said it was listed as "unknown condition" and decided to get a battery and test it.

They said it would be relisted. If this is true, we should see it shortly. It doesn't take that long to test :-)


I got the same response.

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