HP's Latest Calc


Is this HP's new calculator?




Hi Katie,

Thanks for you link. I had a good lough when I saw it. The sad part of the story is that HP actually seems to really go that road. They should have stopped (like a sports champion) as long as they were good.

Cheers Daniel


Nope, it was too expensive to build them that way... another Carlyized product bites the dust.


I was hoping for a little more ;-)


They should have made that little "corporate gift" RPN with his 4 functions... "the last RPN calc HP done"...


hey, those keys look suspiciously like the ones on a 30S....

I wonder if this isn't another citizen clone


Hi Katie,

Maybe the marketing people at HP did take a good look at Sony... this could be the equivalent of 'my first .....' products aimed at the 1-3 year old..... ;-))



A sturdy RPN 4-function calculator, designed for young children, perhaps with a four-line stack display to make learning easier, would be great. Get them hooked while young. (Not that this has the slightest chance of happening, but one can dream.)


May be we simply do not understand the excellent marketing approach. This calc design may be the outcome of a major customer survey, where the customers were asked what functions the need, what colors they like and what is the maximum number they deal with. The product seems to be positioned below HP 9, which according to the same study is considered over-engineered.


(:- ))


Easy enough, I think. since kids are into the lights, grab a pile of suprlus 7 segment LED bricks, pop 48 of them into a largish housing, and grab the keypad part from the nice laptop 10key addons. (I think you can get 17 key ones with a serial interface really cheap, I have a couple of parallel interface ones)

make the top left (usually numlock or something) into a shift key so you can have RDN, RUP, X<>Y, and maybe some registers?

As long as the power suppky isn't too complex, it should be doable as a level 2 kit if you have included a preprogramed ROM, or a really nice kit to mess with if you used a flash ROM and had some simple ethod of flashing from PC.

IT wouldn't be a cheap kit, even if you backed down to really cheap 10 digit 7segment LCD displays stacked up. But I think it would work.

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