HP 41 CV storage (STO) problem


Only 63 (Registered) storage places are accessible (as it is for a HP 41 C).
XEQ P A C K and/or XEQ S I Z E will bring no help.

RCL > 63 indicates NONEXISTANT in display.

shift CATALOG 1 is indicating no program stored.

Any hint? Thank you.



I can help you. Please contact me under 019...

Quatsch beiseite: crutschmöh


Do a master clear, just to make sure. Turn off, hold <- and turn on.

Then try it. Just because no program is shown in CAT 1 doesn't mean memory isn't being used or corrupted.




I wrote these words based on the symptoms you described, O.K.?

This is not such a weird thing, but depends on what type of calculator you have. Did you buy it recently or it suddenly started with this behavior?

There two types of 41's, and they are recognized by the LCD's window. Have a look at yours and check for their corners: are they clear, sharp 90º edges? If so, yours is a so called fullnut, an earlier design, and this type has a mainboard inside it with all chips and electronics components built on it. In other hand, if the LCD has an extra thin black frame with rounded edges, then you have a halfnut type. This type has newer design and uses SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) components. There is one PQPF (Plastic Quad Package - Flat) CPU built in the keyboard and the other chips are built in the LCD assembly (RAM, ROM and Display Driver - one could call it an R2D2, but this is the designation given to the Voyagers' CPU).

If you bought it from someone else, you may have an HP41C (fullnut type, earlier) mainboard built inside an HP41CV case, a sheep in a wolf's suit.

There is also a possibility of RAM failure, but I'd need you do do some tests, if you want to. Anyway, based on what you wrote, this possibility is almost discarded. Let me know if you want to try some harmless SIZE, STO and PRGM keyboard sequences to see what's happening.

Hope this helps.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil

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