Is the 48GX discontinued ?


I was trying to locate a replacement cable for my 48gx-PC transfer this week. While checking around for them, (most are sold out), several websites and retailers for the 48gx have told me that their distributors have said that the 48gx has been discontinued. Is this true ?

I called HP directly, and spoke to maybe 5 people there. Of course, I was told that they have no idea why these folks are saying that when there has been no notice sent out and that they still are stocking and selling the unit. However, the parts deparment told me that the connectivity cable/kit was now classified as an obsolete part. (?)

If someone could shed some light on this, it would help.



We (Classic Calculators Ltd in the United Kingdom) still stock the HP 48GX, our master distributor has stock and has more deliveries arriving over the next few weeks. As far as I know its NOT obsolete and will continue to be available for some time. We dont have stock of the PC cable, we have some on order which should arrive in about 10 days. Our master distributor quoted a part number of MCF 1897A for these (which may be a new part number).

Laurence Carr


I can get you half a dozen of these calculators at the local Frys (for $150 each). I don't know about the cable there, but I doubt it.


I, too, have been looking for an HP48 link cable, and HP parts (in Canada) told me that they are no longer available. I suspect that it is no longer being manufactured and only the remaining stock is available.


I was told by several that they are on order and that they expect them to be in in a week or so. They confirmed that they are definitely still making them, but I am not sure they are "HP" made. Some of them say "open-source",which I took to mean the design can be made and sold by anyone that can turn a profit. Some of them are HP Connectivity kits. I found several still out there if you look hard enough.


You guys are probably still in luck for the 48GX download cable. The 48 is a favorite of Surveyors, and Hayes in TN ( has them listed at $23.25 each if you order them over the net. Browse under "data collectors" and then "data collector cables" on their site. Take the link, give them a call.

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