HPIL 82973 CARD and Pentium PC


Dear Sirs,

I own an HP41CX, HP-71B and 48SX and GX. I'm looking for software to connect HP41 and 71B with HPIL and HP 82973 PC Card using actual Pentium computer. I'm also looking for software for HP71B.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.
Fabio Albonico


Dear Fabio,

take a look to the HP-Museum article forum : There is a new item "HP41-PC Gateway & Emulator". This describes the surprising features of the PC software emulator EMU41 from Jean-Francois Garnir which also includes full HP.IL support. EMU41 and your existing HP82973 HP-IL/PC Interface Card gives you an fantastic solution for advanced HP41 & PC applications.

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph

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