82240B IR Printer


Does anyone know the difference between a 82240A and 82240B IR printer?


the B has a few characters that the A model doesn't have. There's also a better power management system when running on batteries for the B.

In general usage, I don't notice much difference between the two. (except the missing characters)



the B-version has two complete set of characters - ROMAN 8 and ECMA 94 - while the A-version has only the ROMAN 8 set. Because of this new set, the B-version is better suited for the new calculators, after teh HP28S (the HB48S/SX has a OLDPRT command that remaps the output to fit in the old A-version printer).

Also, there is an extra blank line between two consecutive lines in each ASCII printout from the B-version. ASCII listings taken from the A-version tend to have lines too close to each other (only one blak dot line), not too easy to read. This extra blank line is taken from the lower dots from each printed character; graphics remain the same.

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