Storage Damage


Does anyone know what is the effect of storing calculators for extended periods without batteries? Does the lack of current applied to the circuit expose the components to damage from stray impulses? I prefer to store calcs without batteries installed to avoid possible damage but am concerned that I might encounter a different kind of problem.


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for how long do you plain to store your calculators?

If you are following post at this forum for at least nine months, you may have read about a bunch of HP41CX found in their boxes as new in Scotland. As you mentioned in your own post, they surely did not have their batteries installed (for the last 14-18 years? No way...) and they were not damaged, too. But your concerns are valid.

If I want to store my calculators for a long time I would keep them without the batteries AND I'd provide the batteries' poles were short circuited with conductive foam. The foam would protect against ESD and would also be harmless to the contacts integrity.

Using silicon gel to keep humidity away is a good choice, too. Keeping low temperatures (not freezing ones, as Dr. Mike Meyers cleverly reminded us...) will extend the "resting" period, too.

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