HP-30S = Second Generation TI Two-Liner


Once again my comments to the modern HP-calculators...

I guess that you already noticed that I'm collecting the calculators of a Dallas company - known as the inventor of the single-chip calculator. If you are interested in my collection covering more than 700 TI calculators just convert my email address with the www. header to a web-address.

TI collectors and HP collectors are somewhat similar - not too happy with the modern products and still remembering the fights between HP-35 vs. SR-50, HP-65 vs. SR-52, HP-67 vs. TI-59 and finally HP-41 vs TI-88 (sh**, here we lost..).

About two years ago I purchased the whole set of the modern Two-Liners introduced by TI to compete with the Sharp and Casio line of that product category. We know the TI-30X II, TI-34 II, TI-36X II and TI-40 II. When Hewlett Packard introduced with the HP 30S a similar product (sorry - I ignored the HP 6S, in my opinion not the best of its kind) I immediately felt in love with it!

Why ?

It corrects all flaws known from TI's product line:

* Battery access without removing the housing.

* Common LR-44 batteries instead expensive CR-3025

* Brighter display

* Improved accuracy

Everything else is identical to the TI Two-Liners.

Yesterday I compared both a TI-30X II and the HP 30S carefully and revealed a big surprise: The internal construction of both calculators carries the same handwriting. One is called SR16 and the other SR18.
The step from the TI-30X II to the HP-30S demonstrates with the reworked PCB architecture the usual process of cost reduction.

Please get my pictures here:






Both, TI-3xX II and HP30s and new HP9 lines come from Kinpo. And Citizen calcs come from there too.

You can say that Kinpo is the Camino planet of calculators galaxy...

Clone war began has

May the Force be with you,

#1077 HPCC Member


You are right - some Citizens fill the gaps with SR17 and SR19...

Regards, Joerg



seems TI uses the same asian manufacturer as HP;-)
Even the display is nearly identical,
except for one of them having the annunciators on top,
the other on bottom.





You should start to think in EOS instead in RPN:

RPN: Hi, seems TI uses the same asian manufacturer as HP;-)

EOS: Hi, seems HP uses the same asian manufacturer as TI :-))

Just kidding...

Regards, Joerg

BTW: We thought that you are in the honeymoon - probably purchasing a HP9G in Thailand...


the 30s is a good machine let down by its poor build quality - mainly the buttons. its a struggle to use because the keys are dome shaped and dont connect with fingers well (sausage fingers especially). the 2nd key is worse due to its slanty angle, but is often needed.

the ti30 keys are also bad. but the tops are flat and the number keys slightly bigger.


Nice pics! It is interesting to see the differences. Are they from the same manufacturer?

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