ebay: 12c manual on CD? Museum or HP site copy?



I guess the seller could have scanned it all himself, but it might be the museum's copy or off HP's site.

Either way, is this ok? Maybe everyone should sell manuals on cd rom. :-)


Either way, is this ok? Maybe everyone should sell manuals on cd rom. :-)

HP still sells the 12C. I would think they have a copyright on the manual for the calc. If they do then this would be copyright infrigment and therefore would not be ok.



After all, there's an ebay seller who continues to sell xerox copies of the TI-58/59 Service manual and now someone's selling a PDF of the HP-12C manual.



It's not mine. My agreement with HP doesn't cover current manuals.

Oh and thanks for the notice about the picture. Unfortunately the auction was over before I saw it.

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