17Bii and 19Bii



I have it on very good authority that HP has recently "discovered" a large batch of new, boxed HP 17Bii and 19Bii calculators (possibly in a warehouse somewhere?). These are apparently being offered to HP calculator dealers worldwide by HP . They should become available to buy in mid to late february. Keep your eyes open for these.



yeah, but where? the local dealers here aren't exactly real distributors or mega market dealers (though you'd ethink the university at least would be, but no)


Is there anywhere on the web to download the manual (pdf). I bought mine and it came with a German manual, and no one seems to be able to tell me how to get an English one.


Hi !... I've recently purchased one of each (manuals)from "nmz" at ebay, hope this helps.



You can find the manuals in PDF at


but only in Portuguese and Spanish.


HP found a new batch of these? But the 19BII is still being sold here (Toronto). The Staples Business Depot down the street has 3 on display! I know that the 19 has been discontinued, but I assumed that there was still lots of stock available. After reading your email, I'm guessing that my assumption was wrong. Are these calcs hard to find??

My only advice would be; if these 19s are the Indonesian models (they have black keys instead of charcoal), STAY AWAY! I've used two of these new ones and they are nothing like the older 19BIIs. The keys are loose and the fit and finish is poor.

I have a 17BII and a 19BII and I couldn't imagine being without either of them. I am, however, curious to see HP's new lineup of business calculators (whenever THAT will be). I'm willing to bet that they will not allow users to choose between ALG and RPN.

That will be a sad day.


How much are those HP19BII in Toronto?
I asked about them in Staples here (Michigan) and was told they are not avaliable anymore.
I have a coworker that commutes to Toronto every other week, and I can ask him to buy it for me, if the price is good.



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