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I am interested in collecting a few HP calculators but I have noticed on eBay that the average prices of some of the newer calculators (i.e. those manufactured in the 80's and 90's) have being selling for over $200 US. Have the average prices been this high or has the trend being going up for the last few months


Several of the "newer" models have been discontinued, but are very desirable. The HP-42S is a good example. The HP32SII was only recently discontinued, but folks still want it because they use it. That's the basic reason why the prices have been so high. It wasn't always that way. I remember seeing fairly new 32SII models on eBay for about $30 or less!


Hi, I'm a "good'o vintage radios" guy & switched new to this hobby just few months ago... and first impression like yours.

Those little boxes with 40-50 keys are really expensive comparing to beautiful tube radios... Advantages, shipping costs are much lower than those old wood cabinets with big irons inside.

So I decide to start from the ground up with :

the less expensive algebraic models : 6S, 30S, 10B, 20S,...the 27S is a very good algebraic model, rare, expensive & is an exception. (Even the 6S is hard to find here in Canada).

the less expensive RPN models : 12C, 28C/S
belong to few vintage 21,22,33E at reasonable prices.

the vintages : 10C, 11C, 15C & newer models : 32S, 32SII, 42S are too much expensive and out of hope; unless have chances with few laying around forgotten at the old bookstores's basements.

IMHO though, Pyerre

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