Need 17BII Manual


I need a 17BII Manual. Anybody have one for sale?
Please e-mail me if you do.



do you need this to be a printed, original manual? There are .PDF versions, but the ones currently availble at the HP site are only in Spanish and brazilian Portuguese (don't look at me, I have nothing to do with this...). I believe that English and other languages were availble in other (good) times, but I do not have any other but the original Spanish that came with the Indonesian I bought a few months ago. Maybe some contributors in here have an English .PDF version.

Hope you have success. Let us know.

#6 has a wealth of information. Among other things, one may download a Portuguese PDF (I didn't see any Spanish ones available), and read the examples by key function and number reference.

And I read a reference underneath (,,408,00.html is the Calculator forum) to "The HP 19BII manual is one of several in this PDF document", and the 17Bii is one of those, so for financial basics you may review ....

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