connecting to a PC -via modem?


well, I've got an idea for data/program tranfer to a PC, but I'm not sur yet if it is possible in the full range.

My HP75D and HP82718A now function wiht a modem. 300 baud- but it's a connection, potentially. (I have some older USR modems that support this)

Once I find some software method to transfer files, I need to come up with a way to push data to and from a 41CX on HPIL to the 75D. I dont' have the dev or extended IO roms for the 41.

Any HPIL experts out there want to take a stab?

(yes, Christpoh, I should probably eventually just get an hpil ISA card. are you currently taking orders?)


So, when I posted this, I thought that 300 baud would be a bit painful if I got it working right....

given the state of the net right now, a good, solid, secure 300 baud line might feel nice :)


I have an HP-75D with its pod too. I never use the modem
because I have an HP82169A HP-IL/HP-IB interface and an
HP82335A PC/HP-IB ISA card.
I think you can use Procomm for DOS with a 300Bds speed.
How is the RJ11 wire? How do you handeld it then?



with the right type of modem on the PC, you can do a direct link from modem to modem without having to run through the actual telco lines. so all one really needs is a 6 foot (in my case) piece of rj11 ended 2conductor cable.

I'd forgotten about procomm over the past decade- I'm probably just going to use some version of *nix and minicoom, tip, or what have you. Of crouse, if I do get an HPIL ISA card I will go back to DOS on a machine (I have a plasma screen tochiba portable waiting for that eventuality)

Chris: ick. looks like this one will be around for a while yet. but nimda hung around for a while , too.....


It looks like Asia is still having some troubles:



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