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Just replaced my disfunctional (bad screen)HP 200LX 2mb RAM with one that only has 1mb RAM. Can I replace the 1mb card with the 2mb card? They appear to be pin compatible, but not sure if the firm ware can handle the added memory.
Thanks for any help, Larry


The short answer is 'yes' the firmware can handle lots of memory and there are memory upgrade kits sold. I'm curious as to this "memory board” I thought that both the 1MB and the 2MB version of the 200LX had the memory soldered onto the motherboard. The upgrade kits add a daughter board and will allow up to 6 or 8 MB. Beyond that there is a service that will upgrade memory for you when you send them your palmtop.

Much, much more on this can be found here: http://www.palmtoppaper.com/store/asp/product.asp?product=72


IIRC, some of the models had 1meg onboard and a 1meg daughtercard.

personally, I'm looking for clear instructions on how to pop mine up to 8 meg.


Just swap the whole motherbord from the bad screen LX to the other. Should work w/o problem. For details start here: http://www.daniel-hertrich.de/index_pt.shtml

(on the way to a Palmtop User Meeting, 1730 CET this evening in Waiblingen, Hotel Koch)


I've got an old 200LX and if you get the PCMCIA card adpater from radio shack for $15 or so you can take advantage of the compact flash card technology---64MB digital camera medium adds a 64MB drive "a" to your 200LX. WOW!


I use a 128MB CF on my LX and it's to small. But I do all my eMails with it.


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