HP-41C with silver trim


Hi, I saw this and wondered if the silver trim is original or has it been painted on by an owner?



My 41C looks exactly the same, and I'm not a painter ;-)


Hi, Gordon; (forgive-me talking too much...)

this silver trim is original and all 41C's have it; it's the same silver trim style that exists in many classical models and some new ones (except for the HP12C, all voyagers have it). I have an HP41C and it's also exactly the same. The golden trim exists only in the 41CV and 41CX.




all 41C's have a 'silver' trim.
Even the front sticker shows 'silver' letters,
and the HP logo is the older-style one,
with sharper edges.




ALMOST all 41C's have the silver trim. I have one with the gold trim and label.

The reverse is true for the 41CV. almost all have gold trim and label. I have one with silver trim and a silver front label. Also one with gold trim and a silver front label. Final weirdo is a silver CV with the CPU card held down with internal nuts and the gold balls in the charger port.

All the CX machines that I have have seen are gold trim/label.



does your C with gold trim have a suitable golden 'C' label,
or a 'CV' label?
Does your CV with silver trim/label have a silver 'CV' label?

And the CV with the golden balls: Colud it be a very low serial number,
or a machine with parts combined from other units?




All the machines appear to be originals. The gold ball CV is a very early serial number. The silver trim CV's have silver labels. The gold trim "C" also has a silver label. It is a very late serial number. I got it from the original purchaser (with original receipt) so I don't think it is a put together machine.


Thanks to you all for pointing out my ignorance!

I have a 41CV and 41CX both with gold trim.


I also have two odd HP25C machines (with dates codes a couple of weeks earlier than the museum records). One has the "Continuous Memory" script on the keyboard, but no 25C on the front label. The other has no "Continuous Memory", but does have the 25C on the front label.



these are the ones I consider collectibles. Once I saw a coin with a deffective press (half the image) and I thrown it away. I mentioned this fact a few weeks later and I was told this sort of "deffective" serial product should not leave the factory, mostly if it's money. That would worth a lot of money for collectors.

I never thought about that!

When I was at the university (early 80's) I saw an HP11C with a 15C's logo. It was indeed an HP11C, and I thought that would also be a collectible. Now I know the logo is replaceable, and I have one HP15C that I did not glue the logo back, it is without it. Not so strange...

But the [HEWLETT-PACARD 25] front label cannot be removed easily without being destroyed, so these rwo babes are, for me, to be collected. As that deffective coin of mine...

Keep them well, ahn?


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