HP 3ie


Hi, I'm french and I have a problem with my calculator. It's a pretty old one and the battery broke all down. How could I open my calculator without breaking it ? It's a HP 3ie.


Supposing it is a 31E, there is repair information at: http://www.hpmuseum.org/repair.htm and at http://www.rskey.org/

Opening a 31E can be dificult, if you don´t know how to do it. Search the museum forum for instructions.


You're right, my calculator is a 31E...

>Search the museum forum for instructions.
Could you give me those instructions ? Thank you very much.


There are instructions for opening a 34c (spice series) case at:
- this works for 31E also.

After opening, you´ll see what should be done, but before that, let me ask:

1. The batteries leaked ? If they did, do you still have them ?
2. Are the battery terminals ok ? Or are they damaged ?
3. Do not connect the AC adapter without the batteries, or with bad batteries. Did you do it ?

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