Tracing Curves


Using the 48sx and it´s printer: how can I trace (plott) on a X Y axis the curve of, say, a diode, based on the diodes response (in current) to applied voltage?

For any help, in advance thank you.


What measurement equipment do you have ?


Reinhard: Normally I wold apply voltage using a variable DC source on a simple circuit including just the diode and a resistor. I place a multimeter in the diode until the reading reaches a desired point. Then I wold check the current. I do this for both: forward and reverse bias.

With the above results a trace a curve on a X Y axis using pencil and paper.

What I am looking for is a way to trace the curve feeding the data to the 48sx and sending it to the printer.

Also: Do you know of a dedicate software that wold do this?

In advance thank you.

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