Will freezing temps hurt my calcs?


I've got to store my calcs for a while and am thinking about that attic. only, right now, it's freezing up there, if not a few degrees below freezing. is that going to cause me any problems?


Hi, Erik;

I am almost sure all of the HP calculator's manuals specify storage and operating temperature ranges. Try to check for them, I am sure the old ones came with this information. I have the HP25 Manual in hands and in page 106 it specifies 32ºF to 113ºF (0ºC to 45ºC) for operation and -40ºF to 131ºF (-40º to 55ºC) for storage. Also, for the HP48, page A-4 in the User's Guide, we have the same range for operation and -4ºF to 149ºF (-20º to 65ºC) for storage.

You can't LITERALY go to h... with them, but you may surely store them in below 0ºC without trouble...

Hope it helps. Sorry for the kidding...



At the risk of stating the obvious, while the calculators can take the extremes for storage, the batteries surely will not. Never store them with batteries installed, no matter what the battery type is.


Put the calculators in ziplock plastic bags to prevent humidity from condensing on them when the temperature cycles. If you store the boxes and accessories with them, put the whole package in a large ziplock bag.



better yet, keep a dehydrating gell pack inside the ziplock bag, too. Just in case.



Be careful, though, storing the HP-41. This model, (both full and half nut's) are especially susceptible to damage by freezing.

This is often referred to as, "freezing your nuts."

(Sorry... couldn't resist. Just kidding.)


;-) Just kidding... I hope.


Hi Luiz:
I'm still laughing of your frozen nuts :-D...

Well... seriously: I know the "blacknut" version of the 41, but what is "half nut" and "full nut"?

Thanks in advance and excuse my 41 ignorance




I had a look at the Museum pages and I did not find the page were the differences are pointed-out. Externally you just have a different (some think it's a worst) key feeling in the newer halfnuts, and their LCD has rounded corners instead of the sharp-edged ones found in the fullnuts (earlier). Internaly the HW was reduced such the halfnuts do not have an extra mainboard as the earlier fullnuts, and you will find one PQPF-type mainprocessor directly soldered in the keyboard (inner face). RAM/ROM/Display drier are built in the LCD assy, and for the CX, and extra PCB will hold time and X-functions chips.

Despite these external and internal differences, both types are fully compatible with eachother.



Luiz, if I understand this american slang,"nuts" in this case could be translated as "bagos", or "bolas"...


In spanish (not very polite) "huevos" (eggs)

Raul :-)


The things one learns from this web site... :-)


Can't forget them cojones either...


Yes; it's the same!

I hope Dave does not cut us off...


Thanks Luiz: I saw those screen differences sometime ago...


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