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It's meaningless to leave any neutral or negative feedback on the seller's a/c. No one will care! In your case, however, it's your responsibility to ask for more information from the seller before you bid. Failure to mention some cosmetic problems does not constitute an act of mispresentation.


Pocketcom Mania:

You are perhaps right that I should have asked, and that minor cosmetic problems should not be a big deal unless an item is listed as mint or near-mint. However, badly corroded terminals, missing feet, and other such defects which are not shown in the pictures go beyond this. If you have ever been in the position of being a buyer, you may realize that it is difficult to guess all of the ways an unscrupulous seller might try to cheat, and then ask about all of them specifically. Since I did offer to accept a partial refund, I think I was more than accomodating in my efforts to find a mutual solution. At any rate, having your viewpoint is valuable to me and other members of this forum. It may give valuable insight in future auctions.

Best regards,
Don Davis

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