Is there still a "club"?


Is there still a club like the old German Computer Club (CCD) or as PPC?



Here's one:


HPPCC (the UK HP Calculator club) is still very much alive (after 20 years). We hold a meeting in London every month, and publish 6 issues of DataFile (club journal) every year
Last year we held a 2-day conference (to celebrate 20 years of HPCC), this year we expect to hold a 1-afternoon 'mini-conference.
AFAIK, we accept members from all countries -- certainly we have a large number of members from outside the UK.
I do not, however, 'speak for HPCC' -- I am just a somewhat active member, club librarian and 'hacker is residence'. For more details, therefore, poke around on the web site --


Dear Matthias, Dear Tony,

I was former member of German CCD Computer Club Deutschland. When this nice club closes any activities I changed to HPCC. This is the best you can do today :-)

Best wishes from Germany to Switzerland and United Kingdom - Christoph Klug


Yes, there are the "HP-Oldies" (10 Swiss and me from Germany) meeting in Olten, rarely in Berne, or sometimes in Basle (and once since years in Stuttgart).

For more info pls contact me off-list. ;-)


BTW, meanwhile I got an HP1000CX (from the biggest reseller of used HP calcs in Switzerland - I assume you know him).


Bill Hewlett is HPCC member #1. (I know - God rest his soul.) Richard Nelson (PPC and CHHU founder) is also an HPCC member, something after #1031.


Wonderfull. I live near Basel (3km) and wellcome you all here.. Mike, can you send me this list with the german aund the swiss members? I subscribed the membership of the HPCC two minutes ago..
Well, I do know the biggest reseller of HPs in Switzerland very well. We meet us from time to time and are happy, that there are some collectors in Switzerland ....

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