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Does anyone know what the original capacity (measured in mAh) of the rechargable batteries is? I guess these changed with time, the oldest NiCads I've seen are 350mAh.

When making up a new pack I used 500mAh AA cells, 900mAh are now available, what length of time could I expect with these? My manual says the 67 will run for 3hours between charges when using the original pack.



The time would be roughly proportional to the capacity of the cells.


Yes, I know this that is why I need to know what the original capacity is so I can then estimate the new operating time between charges. Then I can see if I can leave the transformer at home.

I don't want to leave the calculator on for a few hours to see how long it lasts as this is unrealistic and if I miss the time when it goes down I'll have to start over.

Also the charge rate of the transformer is set for the original batteries, probably (original capacity) enter (10) /. As I have fitted higher capacity batteries it will take longer to charge them fully.


Apologies for confusion, I *believe* the original cells were 450mAH, Expect around 6 hours operation. 3 hours was always an average usage figure. If you have the manual to hand (which I dont at present) maybe you could deduce the rate I have a feeling its around C/8 with the machine off.


Asking about battery capacity is like asking a bunch of fishermen who caught the biggest fish. The first liar never has a chance! The fish (or capacity) gets bigger everytime the story is told. Some of the claims for battery capacity are nothing short of ridiculous!

I assume you're talking about the 82001 batteries that use sthree AA NiCad cells. I don't know what the capacity of the original cells that were used in them was but I use Sanyo cells to rebuild them and Sanyo rates them at 600 Ma-Hour. That's their standard cells. They do have some higher capacity cells.


Many of the early AA nicad cells were rated at capacities as low as 450 mAh. Recently I have seen nicads (not NiMh) with ratings somewhat higher than the 600 mAh quoted by Joe, although I can't remember exact figures.

I'd suggest that new nicads would give between 50% and 80% more life from a charge than the old ones did when new.

Considering that the ones being replaced are.. well, old, you should expect a dramatic improvement on them :-)


Sanyo's standard AA cells is 700mAh these days, that being the 700AAC. Sanyo also has an 1100mAh NiCd (yes, NiCd, not NiMH), the 1100AAU. I use these in radio control applications, and they do indeed provide 1100mAh of charge.

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