The HP Cable Table by Joe Horn


I see a couple different threads that are concerned with the proper cables. Perhaps Joe Horn's research results will be of use:


Okay- use at your own risk, I suppose.

the *same* cable I use for my 48 works with my 95LX.

(the 4 pin connector one, the 95LX is a 4pin serial machine, while the 200LX is a 10 pin. totally different birds.)

PC and mac versions both!

Now, to find the pinout for the 200LX, since I am not paying $40 for a straight serial cable when I cna make one :)



I have the ultimate solution with only *one* cable.

It's the F1015-80002 cable (10pin fem. - 9pin fem. on PC side),
along with the 5181-6643 adapter (10pin male - 4pin fem.),
the F1212-80001 Y-style adapter (10pin fem. and both 4pin male and 10pin male on the other end).
On the 9pin end, I use a 6181-6639 null-modem adapter,
if need arises, like connecting a 200LX to the PC and
exchanging data via interlink and intersvr.

This way I can connect the HP-48, 38G, 'butt-series' (39,40,49), 95LX, 100LX, 200LX, to a PC with only one cable;-)

And the adapters are very small, so they don't take too much room.




I was thinking of something like that with the addition of some 25 pin adaptors and rj45 adaptors. (I use a lot of Sun made servers and various networking hardware.)

I don't think I can afford to buy all the various (no longer produced??? glen?) parts individually, alas.

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