I recently bought a HP-95 on a nostalgic whim. Having learned something about HP calculators during a recent bout with the 49, I marvelled at how powerfull and easy to use the calculator (HP19) provided with the 95 really is. It's performance in handling algebraics,using the solver feature is nothing short of phenominal. And they are selling on ebay at criminally low prices!

Now for the hard part.

I cast away my HP 95 connectivity software many years ago. I do own a HP Calculator connectivity software for linking up my HP 49, and I still own a connectivity kit for the 200 series.

I've found an old cable for connection of the 95 to my pc, and th34 HP 48 adapter that came with the new HP Calculator connectivity kit seems to fit as well.

Not being able (intestinal fortitude) to just hook it up and see if it works, I must ask. Will either of the connectivity packages I own allow me to transfer files from my pc to my 95.


i too have been the recent beneficiary of really low auction prices. the cable should work just fine, assuming the connectors match up OK. my 95lx came with an HP-48 cable adaptor, which is identical to my 200lx cable plus plug adaptor for the calculator.

i would be willing to bet that the 200lx connectivity software works with the 95lx also, but have not verified that. the IR transfer mechanism is detailed in the 200lx manual; only the binary file formats differ.

if you cannot get the HP software to work, consider some of the software on the SUPER Palmtop site, or the DOS interlink software...it works but the file sizes are kinda large for a 512k 95lx. if all else fails, email me RE: 95lx ConnPack.

best of luck...


I keep thinking my cable connections look different... the 200LX and 49 have 10pin connectors, the 48 and 95LX have 4 pin connectors.....

okay, that aside, the 95LX can do serial transfer. just basic, everyone can do it, serial connection. The connectivity pack software is great, but you don't need it to just push bits from one place to another.


yes, just to re-state: the cable that came with my 95lx has both the 10-pin connector, and an adaptor to change the 10-pin to a 4-pin (HP48). the adaptor is not needed without an HP48.

just to transfer files, any terminal program should work for serial port transfers. an advantage of the ConnPack, and some other programs allow one to access drives and other resources on host PCs. someday, i hope to get my 200lx on the web via my home LAN(it has been there briefly using a modem), just for the heck of it...maybe the 95lx too!

good luck


i just got around to actually testing the 95lx and, lo and behold, the 4-pin adaptor is required for the 95lx as well.
my apologies if i've mislead anyone.



having finally caught up with work, i got to messing with my new 95lx. i tested it with some of the following configs:

95lx --> 200lx Conn.Pack this works just fine.
95lx --> w32filer (a SUPER site download) did not work, though it works well with the 200lx.
200lx w/ 95lx cable (w/o 4 pin adaptor) works fine.

it appears that the base serial cable is universal through the lx series, providing the proper adaptors are available. i have a small assortment of PCMCIA cards that i will also test for compatibilty between the 95-100-200 lx series.

best luck,

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