HP-200LX serial cable


I'm looking for a serial cable for an HP-200LX-- one with the 10 pin HP plug on one end and a DB-9 on the other.

Does anyone know where I could get one of these?


or a pinout? It's going to be fairly easy to make provided with that. (the connector will fit if you cut down some two row connector blocks to 2x5)


Would the cable for a 38/39/48/49 series calculator work? Looks like the same connector...


Serial cables for the HP-200LX and HP-49 are not interchangeable. I attached a HP-200LX serial cable between a PC and an HP-49 and the HP-49 immediately shut down. There must be a pin-out difference between the two cables.



Look here: http://www.rundel.net/palmtop/hp200/accessories.htm

Thomas offers a free trade list too, so you may finde a used one too.

Alas, cables for HP-38/39/40/48/49 and HPLX Palmtops are NOT interchangable. If you take a closer look they are a little bit different, only a little bit but sufficient :(



A brand new one can be purchased at www.palmtoppaper.com or they pop up on ebay sometimes. The price is 39.95 new.


Thanks! The link to the Palmtop Paper was what I needed. It's expensive, sigh, but it's the best solution for what I need.

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