HP-71B HP-IL Interface Module Versions


I have 2 82401A interface modules. One is software version 1A (8529) the other is software version 1B (8628).

Can anyone tell me what the changes are in the modules, or the software bugs that were fixed?



Are there no HP-71B experts here who can help with this??


Hi Gordon,

I have an addendum page (in french) for the HP-IL manual with bug workarounds for the 1A version.
Here is a sort summary (translated by myself, sorry ...):

1 - ENTER: if an under/overflow can occur during numeric input, then use an alpha variable and use
the VAL function, OR make sure that flag -1 is clear and don't place other variables after the numeric variable.

e.g. replace
A=VAL(A$) @ B=VAL(B$)

2 - OUTPUT and PRINTER IS: Avoid risk of Memory Lost during OUTPUT and PRINT by using one of these actions:

* use ENDLINE to define the end-of-line sequence with zero or three characters,

* or use OUTPUT and PRINT instructions that don't send end of line sequence (end the instructions with ';')
and define an infinite width for PRINT

3 - CAT and CAT$: avoid Memory Lost condition during CAT operations by using one of these actions:

* don't press any key when the mass storage is busy (LED on)

* or make sure that the first file is not deleted (immediatly PACK if you delete the first file)

4 - PACK and PACKDIR: avoid Memory Lost condition during packing of a medium by NOT using a user
defined function in the unit identifier.

Bugs 2 and 3 were the most serious ones.
I remember that in these old good days I always used a 3-character end-of-line sequence: ENDLINE CHR$(13)&CHR$(13)&CHR$(10) (bug 2).
It was also a good practice to create a dummy first file just after disc initialisation to protect against bug 3.




Thanks for the help!

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