HP-67 - AC Adaptor To Calculator Connection (No Power)


I have recently experienced a problem, in which my HP-67 does not receive power from the AC adaptor. The adaptor plug to calculator (socket) connection is snug, but no power is received by the calculator. However, when I apply pressure to the plug in an upward direction the calculator receives power. The 3 electrodes on the calculator seem tight, and the plug does fit tight in the socket on the calculator. Has anyone experienced this problem? If so, is there a (relatively painless) fix for it? Thanks


Check for broken connection in line, wiggling or pressure could make intermittant contact.


Thanks, Dave, you were right. I checked with a multimeter and determined that the there was a break in the center conductor. After major surgery on the plug (the wire was broke where it was soldered to the socket, it now functions correctly.

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