Classics: Which hardbox to which calculator ?


Hi collectors

I got a metal hardbox covered with black plastic yesterday. Was this one for the HP-80 or the HP-45?

I know, that the grey plastic box was used for the HP-35 (and for no other calculator). This one is shown on the HPmuseums HP-35 page.

My question is: Which Hardbox for which calculator?

The previous owner said the black box contained a HP-45 (and it was a HP-45 manual in it). He does not have the calculator anymore, but it's from a technical university, so I'm sure there was no financial calculator in it.

I was sure that this box was used for the HP-80 (like you can see in the HPmuseums HP-80 page). How did they get the manual, leather case and short reference into the box. There seems to be not enough space for all these things.

I thought the HP-45, 55 and 65 were delivered in a molded brown box (shown on the HP-55 and 65 page).

Was this different in the U.S. and Europe?

How were the HP 67 and 70 boxed. Were there any hardboxes ?

The HP-70 was rather cheap in its time and there might be no hardbox for this calculator. The HP-67 was later that the other classics (In fact, in it's internals, it was a woodstock), so maybe there was no hardbox for this model.

Who knows?


HP-80 came in fancy black with silver trim

HP-35 in grey plastic

HP-45 in greenish, larger plastic


My complete HP45 came in the black vinyl-covered metal case. Here's what Joe Rigdon has to say about the black case:



Hmmm, Very interesting. There are such different meanings about that. After reading the HP80 page in the museum I also believed, that there was the fancy metal case made only for the HP-80.

Anyway I believe the guy, that it came with a HP-45.

Does somebody know something about the other classics (70, 65, 67) ?


Hi everyone,

my HP67 arrived in a cardboard box, consisting of two parts. The upper part was light brown, and the lower (internal) light green. There was not any metal hardbox.



I think there was considerable variation, Reinhard, either country-to-country or over time. I bought a HP-45 in London in April 1974, and it came in a cardboard box, with the soft leather wallet, athough I immediately bought the hard leather holster for it.

I bought a 65 in Canada a couple of years later, and that came in a green hard plastic case which took the 65, its wallet, QR booklet, charger and some application pac card boxes.

I bought a 67 in Australia in 1978, and that had no hard case. Nor even a leather wallet. Just the vinyl zipped wallet. Not the same, somehow. (Don't you just pity those poor sods posting on ebay who obviously can't tell the difference between vinyl and leather? Ahhh - modern America; feel the quality!).


--- Les


I fear I was far too young then, in 1972, I was three years old and I had other interests, than collecting calculators.

My only source of information are people, who were old (and rich :-) ) enough to buy calculators at that time.

HP advertised the HP-71 wallet as "vinyl leather" here in Austria, when I bought mine at the age of ~15. I wondered then, who shot this poor "vinyl" to get it's leather. I didn't ever see a vinyl in the zoo.

Maybe they should have taken normal leather from a cow, than killing the last few of this seldom race. :-)



I've been researching this issue for a couple of years and talked to a number of people that have known original setups of HP 80s and HP 45s including Dave Hicks. The black boxs were intended for the HP 80. Since the HP 80 was intended for sale to bankers and the like, HP wanted a classier looking box for it. However, I guess they changed their mind later and delivered many HP 45s in the same box. I'm not sure if any HP 80s were delivered in the plastic boxs.

Yes, everything does fit in the black box. I have one that still has all the manuals, brochures, pocket guides, case, etc in it.




It would be interesting to know if any HP 80s were delivered in the plastic boxes, as I have an original HP calculator sales brochure (Jan 1975) which shows the 80 in one, and lists the brown plastic travel case as standard equipment. My earlier HP-80 brochures show, and list, the black vinyl covered metal case.



Yes, there were some HP 80s delivered in the blueish plastic box. A friend of mine bought a HP 80 new and still has that box with it. That and a 12C are the only HPs that he has ever owned so the box has definitely never been swapped.



How do you get the manual, short ref and Leather case into it? Was the leather case included or was it an option ?


A nice picture exists on this web page showing the leather case in the hard case, the manuals fit behind the leather case...


I bought an HP-55 around 1975. It came in the hard plastic greyish green box with a snap closure on the front (which broke off after a while from opening/closing stress). The soft pouch that came is the brownish fake leather one with zipper and belt loop (not the nicer black leather one with velcro that came with the 35 and 45).

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